Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feeling it!

damn man i am really feeling doing this post today..
i am going blog about music and movie today and maybe memories.. LOL!
Found a few youtube stars.. it starts off Sam Tsui but not to my satisfactory then i kept on searching and then i found the group of guys who is cool and good with guitars.. totally acoustic..
Dude!! they sound awesome.. they called themselves Boyce Avenue . they are good..

(wonder how much it takes to have all their equipments?- how long does it takes for me to play like that or them?)

Just finish watching My Boyfriends is Tybe B.
Man the main actress reminds me of someone i know personally... Both of them have the smile.. lol
lol cools cute yea??
hmmm.. lately about me study not too good but by God's grace i got through.. haiz.. i need to put in more effort next sem..
well besides studies there are other tiny mini problem but i leave it to God to deal with it one by one.. i mean i can not let this lil problem of ppl who i care hurt me and lost sight of God's will and purpose in my life.
Anyways yesterday i was taking lunch i heard one stranger talking to another stranger about Jesus while he is smoking..
i was thinking in my heart " People like him make Christian name go to waste, Man i wish i can correct Him".
as i finished thinking about it then Holy Spirit gently told me "At least he dont tell false things about God and he dare to tell about the gospel" which is true.
i let myself judge ppl by their outward appearance.. i feel so bad.. so i learn from the Holy Spirit each day.. lol
there is another one..
i posted some video up on Facebook and
a guy from my church youth told me why i post it, MTV!?
then i ask yea? why?
he said Mana Telur Vanish!

i am like dude you ok ah?? and i just laugh my ways out by saying
hahahaha... ok.. have a great night ahead.. lol..
then Holy Spirit told me to dont judge even sometime things might not look or seems your way but let God handle it.. imagine God is my life Manager.. is like you are an actor or singer then he manage your success.. lol..

anyways, bye, will be back soon i guess!

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