Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just finish a pile of series transferring to my comp.. Can't really sleep much... I am tired but can't sleep... I am wondering where and how to say things that is on my mind... And i thought of my old dusty blog. i mean who blog at this era? who would read? This page will not be seen by a lot of people.. Ahahaha (insane laughter). Anyways, end my nursing.course soon. Probably end of this year or this coming March. Well, the date does not matter. I just want to finish this as soon as possible. I had enough of masked strangers who pretend to play monkey for sex, approval, fame, defamation, credits... Bah.. Sick of this reality... Only a few who do good in reality the rest are for show or public relation or for perks. Why is it so hard for Christian to live in today world?? we are challenge by friends, our own ego of seeking attention, difficulty to make a stand or shine in this reality where many forget that what they doing. Instead they do it to feed their pride with thoughts like "Is this person looking at me?" or " Does what i do in church please that person i like or i want to impress to say i did great?" or " I must serve this are because i want to be notice!". Keep bury yourself with pride and self-conscious and you will lead your future to death.

I am not say particularly anyone but i am saying it to everyone including myself. We need to realize that Jesus needs to be the center if it all.

Making a decision to be attracted by individual is again what's happening to me. LoL but old habits and desire dies hard. Trust in Him, i must.

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