Sunday, August 14, 2011

hmmm.. this page have not been alive in awhile.

Gotten into a relationship and then out. i actually tot she would be the one, so kind, thoughtful, beautiful, beyond any word to describe the feeling at the very moment. it have been 4months that we have been apart. still wondering did i hurt her in the end, is life better over there for her, is she still thinking of me or gotten over me? the answer is not what i need to know but it is kinda selfish that i want to know.

Had a great and most memorable day with 2 of my friends. they are both great person. one kindest man i know since we were kids, the other is a great lady of God i know of since kids too.
after looking at their wedding makes me think questions like:

Now i am wondering where is she? is she around the corner? or down the street? i wonder what is she doing now? is she think of God more than i do even i know who she is? if it is then good. Does she have the heart to follow me if my calling was to be a missionary? lol.. scary things to say huh but i need to know that my rest of my life is spend with God together with her. P.S God quickly send her my way.

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