Thursday, November 19, 2009


hey blogger way here!
it has been 2 full months... and i am sorry it took you ppl so long to wait for me.. i am sorryy
my bad... so anyways wassup?? lol...
me?? well only 4 things in my brain right now...
  • God
  • Money
  • Studies
  • Her~
yea! all this is up and december.. wow! i mean really awesome... it is more like the month where i can give my best la... lol... got practices every week... makes me tired and no time to go out la... lol... but anyways maybe after january only i can go out la... movies to catch up, relationships to build, attitude and habits to break, and boundaries to reach!! ahahahhahaa... i feel like i wanna write song for GOD, that he maybe lifted high!

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