Thursday, September 3, 2009

last one week update...

well din update in awhile, lets start with last week friday day

i went and help out with PISA for MFC and i suddenly been called manager... swt nia... all thanks to alan and jimmy... but i really and greatful to alan, jimmy, joshua, his cousin and sir tatt for helping me with the sign board... Thanks...

MFC started and was awesome la... got 2 flat screen tv for Games... look just like WCG... lol... and i was happy get to see her... lovely... lol... and i want to glorify our GOD... i got my job without an interview... fuh-yoh.. the manager suppose to come and give me an interview but he drag too long.. for almost 1 1/2 hours i waited and he still not there... and someone call him and he just said i got the job and dont need to interview... LOL!! Praise Be Unto HIM!

after second service went to gurney for my last sunday movie for the year since i got the job... hang out with two girls and watch Imagine That... nice, funny, and touching story la... should watch....

Merdeka! merdeka! merdeka! it have been the 3rd year i havent sing anyone of the anthem !! lol... din do much... when to a werehouse sells and i found a lot of nike and adidas shoe but no money so cant buy... all very cheap nia.... but i bought a jacket... i like it...!

first day of work... kinda nervous because all malay worker... and when they dont smile they are scary... but then at last when they joke and ask me a lot of funny stuff, they are fun guy to hang out and work with! i thanked GOD my work place is less pressured and such a friendly atmosphere...

2nd day learn how to do topping but only do for one pizza but learn how to wash the hot oven... and i learn lot from it... and i was hungry because i din have my lunch and u know what i got to eat free pizza because there was one napalian worker and he did mistake la.. so free pizza for me alone... because it is puasa month, and my malay friends cant eat.. so they offer me they whole pizza... GOD knows it when u are hungry! fuh-yoh!! HE is awesome... had practise for I.G.Nite at night and Jimmy was the joker of the night as usually... but i got something so say, if u know who u are... while ppl are praying, everyone except u are respecting GOD, WHY are u in a rush that u need to keep ur equipment while ppl are praying to YOUR GOD YOU ARE SERVING??

i got transfer to a nearer place.. so now i work at dominos near denise's house... i walk to work today... and between 30 to 45 minutes... lol... and today is like tuesday... new ppl with new atmosphere and yet i make friends with malay ppl and more la... it was fun working there la... i made like 5 pizza today!! woohoo!!! Praise the Lord!

got to go rest for now... update about my stuff another day ok?? lol...

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